// Gender Theory, Judith Butler and Other Bedtime Stories

Written and performed by J. Fergus Evans and Gemma Bradley with support from Jackie Hagan
Commissioned by Contact as part of  Queer Contact

‘Refreshing in its honest rejection of fixed definition, this show is definitely one to watch out for.’ // MANCHESTER MULE

Fusing spoken word and theatre, Gender Theory, Judith Butler And Other Bedtime Stories Or Queer… (In Theory) is a tongue-in-cheek, examination of life after queer theory. Fergus is a loudmouthed queer radical who dreams of sex parties in squats and leading the war against normality. He’s a vegan street-warrior fighting the good fight and sleeping with as many queers as possible… only… he’s married…and monogamous…has a weakness for cheese… and he just had a big mac for the first time in five years.

Gemma announced she was a vegetarian at four, a feminist at ten, and an out and proud lesbian at twelve. She’s a hit on the threesome scene and has spent the past five years bed-hopping between genderqueers and intellectuals. But here’s the thing.  Gemma has suddenly found herself smack-dab in the middle of a mortgage and a monogamous relationship with a heterosexual man…an actual honest-to-goodness lager-swilling, death metal loving lad.

Are Fergus and Gemma still queer (in theory)?


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