// Gerry Potter

In 2008 I supported poet and playwright Gerry Potter (creator of cult icon Chloe Poems) with his play ‘Miracle’, including preparing a successful funding application to Arts Council England, assisting with auditions, and managing the London premier and national tour.


MIRACLE by Gerry Potter (Produced by Fergus Evans for PANDA)

‘so filthy it verges on the educational’ // THE TIMES

Miracle is a passion play about passion, a play uncovering the darkness of love

Will Hung is an ex rent boy now porn star who finds he is the miracle cure for all terminal disease, but the only way the miracle can occur is if he has sex with you. The year is 1995 before the onset of combination therapies helped save the lives of many gay men with HIV and AIDS. In these dark days Will Hung is their only hope. But what if you’re not gay and you need the cure?

Sexual politics collide in this urban fairy tale, part farce, part Greek tragedy, all drama and asks questions that have never been raised before.

…Never have morality and mortality been so controversially entwined.