// Rove

by J. Fergus Evans (with Rhiannon Armstrong)
Developed with The Lowry Studio and produced by The Albany

“ROVE is catharsis. It’s cleansing and memory and music and painfully, achingly full of love… Something all of us feel, and fear, about our family.”  // EXEUNT MAGAZINE

Celebrated writer, raconteur and creator of my heart is hitchhiking down peachtree street returns with an evocative exploration of family mythmaking and personal legacy.

This is an exploration. I want to tell a story – well, my family’s story. Some of it may be true and some may not. There was a song my mom used to sing to me, which her father sang to her. It may have been Irish (that’s where he came from) or even American (that’s where I come from). Or possibly Scottish (weird, because none of us are from Scotland).

With live folk music performed by Rhiannon Armstrong, J. Fergus Evans uses poetry to respin a yarn told many times over, untangling old family stories and making peace with those truths that lie buried beneath the years past – a show for anyone who has ever tried to untangle a family anecdote, or wished they knew more about where they came from.


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